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What is "homeschool consulting?"


Essentially, it's working with and being mentored by a seasoned homeschool educator with an area of expertise. With this mentor, you get a chance to gain more tailored and customized information, steps, and guidance for YOUR homeschool journey.

Okay, but why would I need this?


There are a TON of reasons why you might need a homeschool consult.

  • You are new to homeschooling, but you just don't know where to start!

  • You have a child transitioning from the traditional school setting. 

  • You're a veteran homeschooler looking to make a change!

  • Your journey is unique, and you need tailored information. 

  • You're overwhelmed with curriculum options!

  • You need help creating and maintaining a routine or rhythm in your home. 

  • You have a child who learns differently than you, and you don't know how to teach them!

  • You want to find programs that allow MORE time together with your child OR that allow more independence for your child.

  • You have lost your passion for homeschooling, and you need some encouragement to keep you going. 

Okaaay, I see that I need this. How do YOU help me?

As a former public school teacher and a seasoned homeschool educator, I have seen it all! I have been where you are, and I had to bootstrap my way back to sanity. I have been a lifelong learner with a passion for education. There is so much value in meeting your child's unique needs - they deserve to be treated like the individual they are. With my degrees in education and behavior sciences, I understand the science behind HOW and WHY people learn. Some of the ways I help you:

  • Figuring out if homeschooling is the best fit for your family

  • Planning, scheduling, and organizing your homeschool

  • Finding and understanding your homeschooling style

  • Choosing a curriculum or designing your own

  • Finding inexpensive resources or supplemental materials

  • Customizing curriculum to meet your student's needs

  • Turning life experiences into homeschool "hours"

  • Organizing your day to educate multiple ages

  • Homeschooling with learning disabilities

  • Finding extracurricular and extension activities

  • Lesson planning

  • Organization, time management, and record keeping

  • And more!

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