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Why "Eclectic Learners?"

My kids always beat to the rhythm of their own tune, so most traditional resources didn't work for us. I couldn't recreate public school at home, and honestly, I didn't want to. 


When I started my homeschool journey, I was exhausted! I searched high and low for great quality curriculum and learning resources that I could use with flexibility. 

I researched different methods, and I fell in love with a few. Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio, Classical, and more! But I knew early on that I couldn't incorporate just one! Through a mixture of trial and error and experimentation, I found a solution! Eclectic learning suited us best! 

My community was suffering from the same problems I was having - they wanted flexible, easy, and affordable resources with very little options. So, I created Eclectic Learners - a place where families could find what they needed, leave what they didn't, and make it all their own to accomplish the same goal: consciously raising and educating future world changers. With our methods, children are able to incorporate their flexible learning to real-world problems and create change! 



We dare to change families with a "heart, passion, and soul" model. We believe that through relationships, education, accountability, and guidance, future generations will have the necessary tools to truly change the world. 

We challenge families to turn into natural educators, enriching their children's lives with flexible, relaxed, creative learning opportunities. We believe that, given the opportunity, children will rise to the standards their full potential has set for them. 

We inspire children to become more self-aware, diving deep into their passions, interests, and strengths in order to seek out opportunities for growth. We believe that not every child needs to learn the same thing; we're unique individuals and should learn accordingly. 

Passions - We focus on creating easy opportunities to enrich a student's passions. It's simple: people have a harder time learning when they're uninterested. Your student chooses the topic and can dive deep into their learning - without all of the stress.

Relationships - Learning happens every day, in nearly every interaction. However, we know that with a solid relationship, children are eventually able to succeed independently. Children have a harder time wanting to learn when they're craving attention. Our learning systems allow plenty of chances to connect with your child while attending to your daily lives. We don't want you to revolve your world around your child - we want you to include them!

Creativity - We all lose a sense of creativity as we grow. Through our Meraki Model Learning System, we try to keep your child's creative streak strong. Maybe it's drawing, or singing, or sculpting, or writing, or Lego-building, or video creating, or graphic designing. All of these hobbies can be intertwined into their learning and used to power their thirst.

Community - In the nature of connection, we believe that we're all crucial in building strong ties to our community and our world. We continue to believe that students with a strong sense of community and global responsibility will grow into world changers. We need all the help we can get!

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