Global Kids Club

Let's make a difference in this world! The Global Kids Club challenges your family to explore diverse cultures, learn how to be globally responsible, tap into your passions & interests to serve the globe, and connect with yourself, family, and world. 

The Global Kids Club is a monthly membership that enables you to do it all!

The Global Kids Club is a monthly journey to challenge the way you see the world and your role in it.

Global Kids Club Membership Benefits

Access to the Members Site

Find your monthly bundles, extra activities, field trip ideas, book recommendations, and more!

Access to the Members-only Facebook Group

Connect with others who are on this journey with you! Gain new ideas and participate in challenges with families around the globe!

Monthly Bundles

Digital bundles will be released at the beginning of every month. You will have access to the previous two months' bundles so you can take your time and plan!

Monthly Donations

$5 of your membership fees will be donated to a charity that specifically helps the country you're exploring. Information about each nonprofit is mentioned in your bundle. Our goal is to raise $500 every month to donate to a worthy cause!


Members have access to three months' worth of bundles, with each month showcasing a new country, a new way to explore unique passions & talents, and a new theme to reflect on your family's connection.

Every bundle contains...

Global Responsibility

Your family will explore new countries to learn about the diversity in culture, customs, traditions, and language. You will also have information on a country-specific problem in a child-friendly way so your family can brainstorm solutions!


Your monthly bundle will have an array of family activities ranging from cooking a new recipe to role-playing a chore or game played in these new locations! You'll find field trip ideas, ways to connect it to their education, and nearly everything can be done with everyday household items!

Service-Based Interests

More and more adults are having issues with finding "their purpose" in the world. These stem from knowing our unique passions & talents. Each month, your family will explore a new way to discover more about those, reflecting on how they benefit your self-care and the world. 

Narrative Stories

The easiest way to expose a child to new concepts is through reading. Every country will have a series of stories from a child in that country's point of view. You'll discover ways you're alike, different, and how world problems impact that child. 


It is so difficult to convince a person to care about the world when they aren't secure in their home connection. Every month, you will have the opportunity to discover new ways to connect with your children, how to connect them to their community/world, and how to maintain those relationships through hardships.

Non-profit Info

Since $5 of your membership fees will go towards a non-profit helping that particular country, it's important your family gets all the necessary information and research. Your family will see what your contribution did to help! It's meant to inspire your family to take further action if called to do so. 

Raise global kids

Encourage your kids to travel, explore, research, and appreciate other cultures. Expose them to life beyond your home. Challenge them to be a world-changer.

Integrate with education

While Global Kids Club isn't a curriculum, it is easy to combine with your homeschool learning!

Strengthen your family

Your kids are only home with you for 18 short years. Discover easy, effective methods to connecting with them while they're home. 


Is the Global Kids Club for homeschoolers only?

No! It's meant for any family wishing to raise global kids.

Do I have to purchase a membership for each child in my family?

Nope! One membership per family is all you need!

Can I sign up at any time? 

Yes! The first 100 members will receive a special membership price, but you may sign up at any time. You will be added to our Facebook group within 24 hours of your membership purchase!

Are the bundles secular or neutral?

Religion plays an important part in most cultures. If there is mention of a religion in a bundle, it's done in a "matter of fact" way. Essentially, the characters in the books may mention a specific holiday or religious tradition, but there are no other mentions of religious practices.

What age is the Club for?

While the stories may need to be read to younger children, all of the activities, stories, and exploration can be modified for any age!

Are there refunds or cancellations?

Due to the digital manner of the membership, there are no refunds. If you choose to cancel a YEARLY subscription, you will remain active until your subscription date ends. Then, your membership will not be renewed. If you choose to cancel a MONTHLY subscription, you can do so at any time by simply emailing You will be removed from the Members-only Facebook group within 24 hours of your cancellation. 

Can I suggest a country or a non-profit organization that helps in a specific country?

Sure! Send your suggestions to


Members who sign up by August 1st, 2020 will receive the special member pricing of only $15!

After August 1st, 2020, the membership price will go up! Lock in your rate today!

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