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Who is Wisdom on a Whim for?

  • Parents who need a secular multi-age curriculum for their child 

  • Parents who need a curriculum that builds academic foundations in a developmentally-appropriate way, and moves at their child’s own unique pace

  • Parents who want to expand their child's mind through thought-provoking conversations

  • Parents who desire a curriculum based on spending time together, as well as having the opportunity for independent work

  • Busy parents who need an open-and-go program with minimal prep time each week (half an hour or less!)

  • Parents on a budget that cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a boxed curriculum package

  • Parents who want a community outreach element to their learning

  • Parents who have creative learners

Who is it NOT for?

  • Parents who need a curriculum that includes Bible study or a religious component.

  • Parents who want a curriculum that their child can do completely independently. Our curriculum requires some focused together time, while also providing materials they can/should work on independently

  • Parents who want an online school experience for their child

  • Parents who want a grade-specific curriculum. Each quarter focuses on a span of three grade level material that is modified for multi-ages

  • Parents who need every supply, book, and material for their year included in their purchase. Our curriculum is designed to use a few basic art supplies, typical household items, and many books that can be found at a library or on amazon.com. Our curriculum does include the guidebooks your child will use in conjunction with the parent guides. We recommend you print and bind them before beginning.

  • Parents who need every day’s activities planned out for them. We give a weekly overview, not a daily schedule.

  • Parents who need an all-encompassing curriculum. Right now, our curriculum focuses on literature-based reading, analyzing, writing, and creativity. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How much time is required every week to complete this curriculum?

Most of our lessons can be accomplished within 20 to 30 minutes. However, our creativity, community, and passion prompts may take your child longer. We don't focus on a required time to complete each task, but rather, students should go at their own pace. Our activities are blocked out for 4-5 days worth of tasks.


2) How much preparation time will it require?

A typical week in our curriculum will require around half an hour (or less) to prepare for. Be sure to print and bind the student notebooks before beginning. You can also simply put them into a three-ring binder.

3) What level should my child be reading at before beginning?

Please refer to our scope and sequence for each quarter.

4) Can I read a sample first?

Yes you can! Click here to find samples!

5) Will I need to add a structured math program to this curriculum?

Yes, you will need to add a math program to our third grade curriculum. We do not include a math program. 

6) Can non-secular families use Eclectic Learners' curriculum?

Of course! You are free to add a favorite Bible study to our curriculum to make it work for your family. Wisdom on a Whim is meant for all families!

7) Are there any refunds, returns, or exchanges?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide ANY refunds, returns, or exchanges. Due to the nature of a digital download, these options are NOT available. Please be certain of your decision before you purchase this curriculum. If you would like, you can view samples before purchasing. If you have any technical difficulties downloading your curriculum, please contact us immediately and we will help you.

8) How many weeks of lesson plans are there in this curriculum?

Each quarter is broken down into nine (9) weeks. We will have four quarters for the full 180 days of schooling. There will be a fifth quarter available for families interested in year-round schooling.

9) Where can I learn more about Eclectic Learners?

You can visit us at https://eclecticlearners.com or at any of our social media channels @eclecticlearners

10) Who created this curriculum?

Brittany Naquin, the author of Eclectic Learners, wrote the Wisdom on a Whim curricula for parents looking for a home education for their child with an emphasis on relationship, the arts, quality literature, community, creativity, and interest-based learning. She has a B.S. in behavior science and education from the University of New Orleans, is a certified 1st - 5th grade teacher, and has spent seven years educating and spending time with children in various homeschooling and educational settings. She now homeschools her two young children, and spends her time developing high-quality educational materials for homeschooling parents. Her passion for literature, relationship, creativity, and community outreach drives her to create the best possible curriculum and materials at an affordable price for homeschooling families.

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