FREE Unit Study Ideas

There's no right or wrong way to create the perfect unit study ideas for your family. It's all about what your child wants to learn!

However, coming up with unit studies can be extremely difficult when your child isn't really sure what they want to learn! My children came out of public school and expected me to tell them what to learn. While we don't follow any strict curriculum or state standards, I have a few non-negotiable subjects and skills they have to learn. But we only practice these for a few minutes each day. The rest of the time we spend our days immersed in fun unit studies!

I searched high and low for fun unit study ideas, and I had the most difficult time. Everything was "boring," or we just weren't that into it. So, I've been compiling a list to share!

Here are some FREE unit study ideas for your kiddos!

Forensic Science - This is a favorite in our household!

  • learn about fingerprints

  • dust for prints in your house

  • create a crime scene and search for evidence

  • learn how to collect evidence without contaminating it

  • compare fingerprints under a microscope

  • connect the dots of a crime scene

  • write a detailed report on your findings

Veterinary Science

  • learn essential animal body parts

  • compare animal body parts to human body parts

  • learn to apply first aid to an animal

  • visit a real vet

  • pretend play with stuffed animals

Solar System

  • learn each planet and their fun facts

  • design models of the planets and their moons

  • research weather patterns for other planets

  • pretend play as astronauts

  • research the schooling options for future careers in aerospace

  • learn astrology and how people think it connects to human behavior

  • learn the moon phases and its impact on human behavior

  • research how the planets were used in history

Human Body

  • create models to demonstrate how the body works

  • build a skeleton with household materials

  • apply first aid on baby dolls or household member

  • perform surgery with play-doh

  • learn about human behavior and emotions

  • go shopping for the best foods for human bodies

  • compare diets throughout history

  • research different disorders and diseases

  • try to design cures for different ailments

Here are some other favorites!

  • Mythical Creatures

  • Ancient Egypt/Mummies

  • Cryptology (secret spy codes)

  • Dinosaurs

  • Animals and their habitats

  • Natural Resources

  • Plants

  • Rocks

  • Engineering

  • Farming

  • Halloween

  • Seasons

What are some of your favorite free unit study ideas? Share them with us today!

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