Skills You Should Be Teaching Your Kids RIGHT NOW

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Let's face it: this quarantine is not all rainbows and butterflies. There's a lot of idle time, bored kids, and a major lack of field trips right now.

Between the homeschool curriculum, the arts & crafts, and little outside play, kids still find pockets of time to complain, whine, or fight. It leaves us with the age-old question: What do we fill that time with?

Rest assured - it's perfectly healthy and beneficial to allow your kids to be bored. But by now, I'm sure you would love the chance for some "quiet time." And why not make it somewhat educational? Life-skills are imperative for children, and now is the best time to get a head start or catch up!

Here are TEN things you should be teaching your kids RIGHT NOW:

Important phone numbers and addresses

Remembering phone numbers and addresses is a dying art. With all our technology, why should we? Imagine your child is lost with a dead cellphone - they need to memorize important phone numbers to call in emergencies. Choose one parent or both parents! Consider teaching them a family friend's number or even a grandparent.

How to tie their shoes

They can do it - make it happen!

How to do their own laundry (sorting, washing, and folding)

Even from an early age, children are capable of contributing to this never-ending chore. Toddlers can tell the difference between colors in order to separate the darks from lights. Preschoolers can load the dryer. Once a child can reach the washing machine (using a stool counts), they can learn how to do the laundry from start to finish. My five year old separates, loads the washer, and folds her own laundry. My eight year old does his laundry completely. They take forever to fold their clothes, but it's helpful because I don't have to do it - freeing up some of my time. We make it a "folding party," complete with a movie and the whole family folding together. Their future spouse will thank you!

How to sew a button (and more if you're able)

If you have the materials, teach them how to sew a button! Buttons fall off of clothes all the time, and it's better to teach them how to fix the problem instead of just tossing it or paying someone else to do it. Keeps them efficient in problem-solving AND conscious of being budget-friendly. If you're skilled in sewing, allow them to work on some easy projects! Boys and girls could benefit from this skill.

My father knows how to sew better than I can imagine and creates amazing projects!

How to create a healthy meal plan

We want our kids to eat healthy - it's the bane of our existence sometimes. Get them involved in the process! Show them how to look up simple recipes, where to find the ingredients and prices, what spices to add to make it taste like home, and how to plan meals out over a week or month. It doesn't have to be on a fancy calendar or written in a planner, but just planning it out on paper is a useful skill!

How to cook simple meals

So many young adults go off into the real-world without knowing how to cook simple meals. Don't just show them recipes - actually cook it with them or let them try it independently. Remind them where to find recipes, ingredients, and different tools needed to cook!

How to create and stick to a budget

Budget! Budget! Budget! Handling personal finances is a skill that is learned, not inherited. If you're comfortable with it, show them your budget. How do you prioritize some categories over others? How do you budget some fun spending too? Do you know what percentage of your income should go towards your home? Turn the learning into a game - pretend your kids have to pay you for rent, utilities, and groceries.

How to pay the bills

Show your kids how to access online portals or where to find the account numbers on invoices. Where can they find how much they owe? Who do they call if they encounter a problem? What are the benefits of auto-pay?

How to make important phone calls

Most businesses have apps or online portals to create appointments or talk to customer service. It's still crucial they know how to make important phone calls. Where do they find the numbers? How do they start the conversation? What information should they not give out over the phone?

How to design powerpoint presentations

No matter what your child chooses to do with their life, they will have to defend or present something. Powerpoint presentations are a fun, easy way to present it! This doesn't have to be so formal. Let them demonstrate their understanding of something they love or are interested in! Google Slides is free and user-friendly.

Maybe you have some unique skills you've always thought about passing on to your children. Now is the perfect time!

What are you going to teach your child before the public opens back up? Tell me in the comments what I should add to our list!

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