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What is Writing Passport?

We offer an eclectic, secular homeschool curriculum that combines some Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, and hygge methods, with a twist of our own learning model. These units are broken up into two week sections in order to provide the most manageable and affordable options to parents. There are about 14 days worth of material per edition. It can be SO OVERWHELMING to receive an entire year’s worth of content. And how frustrating is it to drop that much money without knowing if you love it or if it’ll work with your kids?


Writing Passport is a writing program that combines historical information, pictures, and videos to explore a mystery location each edition. Each day, students learn new information about the city, then write based on prompts. There are clickable links, informational passages, and pictures to inspire students!


Our writing programs focuses is on getting your student to write! We do not focus on mechanics or rules. We strictly want to inspire students to write.  


The first edition covers New York City. Locations include: 9/11, Battery Park, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Brooklyn. Topics include: 9/11 history, symbolism, immigration, gentrification, cultural significance, and more!


We believe that by using the three Cs: connection, community, and creativity, children will grow up with the skills and conscience to make changes.


What are the three Cs? 


Connection: We believe that education is, and should be, a relationship builder. We cannot be truly educated without the help of others. Humans all have basic needs, but we often forget that love and belonging is important. The time spent learning, reading, and discovering creates strong familial ties that help families bond, and meets the needs children often lose throughout their childhood. With these strong ties to their home, children are able to develop a sense of local responsibility that translates and extends to global responsibility. 


Community: Eclectic Learners connects most learning through literature to a community outreach piece. For example, when reading about foster care and orphanages, students will learn to brainstorm, research, plan, and execute a way to reach out and make a difference in those children’s lives. We all have an important role in this world, and it’s important to give children the opportunity to make a change in the world. 


Creativity: Most issues can be solved through creative problem-solving skills. In order for children to develop these skills, they first need to have the chance to be creative! Through easy, flexible prompts, Eclectic Learners challenges children to see their learning differently, flip the script, create, model, role-play, write, draw, and paint through their own eyes. These skills are easily transferred later for bigger problem-solving. 



Who is Writing Passport for?


  • Parents who need a secular multi-age curriculum for their family
  • Parents who want their students to be writing instead of focusing on being perfect
  • Parents who want to expand their child's mind through thought-provoking conversations
  • Parents who desire a curriculum based on spending time together, as well as having the opportunity for independent work
  • Busy parents who need an open-and-go program with minimal prep time each week (half an hour or less!)
  • Parents on a budget that cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a boxed curriculum package


Who is it NOT for?

  • Parents who need a curriculum that includes Bible study or a religious component.

  • Parents who need physical papers or printable options - this program is best used digitally.

  • Parents who want a writing curriculum focused on mechanics and writing rules.

  • Parents who want a curriculum that their child can do completely independently. Our curriculum requires some focused together time, while also providing materials they can/should work on independently

  • Parents who want an online school experience for their child

  • Parents who want a grade-specific curriculum. Each quarter focuses on a span of three grade level material that is modified for multi-ages

  • Parents who need every supply, book, and material for their year included in their purchase. Our curriculum is designed to use a few basic art supplies, typical household items, and many books that can be found at a library or online. Our curriculum does include the guidebooks your child will use in conjunction with the parent guides. We recommend you print and bind them before beginning.

  • Parents who need every day’s activities planned out for them. 

  • Parents who need an all-encompassing curriculum. 



Please read the following details carefully before purchasing, and copy and paste it where you can pull it up for reference:


  • All sales are final. No exchanges, returns, or refunds will be issued. 
  • Your files should be delivered automatically upon purchase. If you do not see your files in your inbox, please immediately email me at support@eclecticlearners.com so I can assist you!
  • This listing is for the purchase of Eclectic Learners' Writing Passport - First Edition ONLY. You can find a listing for the full bundle in our store.
  • If, at any time, you need my assistance, please contact me at support@eclecticlearners.com. I am always happy to help!
  • Please note that ALL files will be delivered as digital downloads to the email address you use at checkout. Nothing will be mailed to you. We do not offer printed or bound curriculum at this time. 



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