Understanding Social Justice - Part 1

Understanding Social Justice - Part 1

 History has its eyes on you...


Right now, we need resources to teach our children about social responsibility and justice. There's a need to educate ourselves further on the issues that matter, and this is the resource for you!


In Part 1, students are gently introduced to the ideas of identity, diversity, why we need it, discrimination, and taking action in an age-appropriate way. 


This set includes worksheets to pair with the lesson. Students will read narratives around social justice and diversity in order to broaden their horizons beyond themselves. This is the perfect lesson for children who are just being introduced to these concepts in a more formal way. Advanced lessons will be coming soon. 


*Disclaimer: There is mention of gender and religion in this lesson in a factual sense. Discrimination between religions and gender stereotypes are concepts children are able to understand. There is mention of boys, girls, and other identifications. We feel the inclusion of these provides children with a full range of diverse people, but it is up to parents to include them in the conversations.*



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